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Fuel Radio: Behind the Music with Robin Pasley and Gary and Karla Adolphe
October 30, 2010 08:49 PM PDT
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Fuel Radio: Behind the Music is a series of interviews and music with some of our favorite musical artists. Gary and Karla Adolphe (Jacob and Lily) and Robin Pasley (“Chair and Microphone” and “Enter the Worship Circle”) have collaborated on “Chair and Microphone 3” and “Enter The Worship Circle 3.” All three artists have unique approach and philosophy to their craft. In this interview we talk about:

_ What it’s like behind the scenes while recording the Enter the Worship Circle project
_ Robin’s background and the Village Thrift Circa 2005 CD.
_ The philosophy and values behind the music. Relationship!
_ Song: Orphan Song by Karla Adolphe

Robin Pasley, Gary and Karla Adolphe - What is said in the spa....
October 15, 2010 05:16 PM PDT
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This is actually the first part of FUEL RADIO MUSIC's interview with Robin Pasley, and Gary and Karla Adolphe, in Kathleen Janz’s spa – ton jour. In this segment we get to know Robin Pasley from the Enter the Worship Circle and Chair and Microphone projects. Normally, what is said in the spa, stays in the spa – but not this time! At the end of this segment Karla sings "Safe Place" off of Chair and Microphone - Volume 3. Enjoy.

Karla Adolphe - What's Up With Jacob and Lily?
October 03, 2010 02:14 PM PDT
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This summer Gary and Karla Adolphe (Jacob and Lily, Karla Adolphe) along with their pal Robin Pasley (Enter The Worship Circle) were passing through town and they stopped by our place for a few days. During that time we had a chance to sit down with them and record this interview in Kath’s spa while Robin and Karla we’re getting pedicures! In this segment I ask them: What’s up with the Jacob and Lily project? We also tagged on to the end of the interview one of Karla’s wonderful songs – “End of Play.” This segment is part of a 45 minute interview that we hope to release soon on i-Tunes.

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